Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. With proof of valid ID, TL3, SR3 and RimX actions are discounted and all orders qualify for free shipping. Origin actions do not have a discount.

TL3’s are cut with either AICS, AW (short action only) or single shot magazine wells. SR3’s are cut with standard Remington feed lips and have the option for the Wyatt’s extended cut.

Short actions weigh in at 28 oz. and long actions at 31 oz.

TL3’s have an integrated recoil lug while Origin’s use a non-integrated, pinned recoil lug. Origin’s are also cut with standard Remington 700 feed lips while TL3’s have the option for AICS or AW magazine wells as well as the option for single shot receivers. TL3’s have options in tang thicknesses (3), rail incline (3) and different bolt/ejection port combinations while the Origin is offered with a trim tang, 20 MOA rail and only right or left hand short actions.