Our Actions

More than meets the eye

All of our actions include

Floating, Interchangeable Bolt Head

Controlled Round Feed

Enclosed Mechanical Ejector

Pinned Picatinny Rail

Bayonet Style Firing Pin Assembly

2 Lug. 90° Bolt Throw

Right or Left Hand Receivers

DLC Coated Bolt Heads

Black Nitride Finished Bolt Body

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Compare our Centerfire Actions

TL3 SR3 Origin Rim-X Ti3
Integrated Recoil Lug Yes Yes No Yes Yes
Material Composition Stainless Steel Stainless Steel Stainless Steel Stainless Steel Titanium
Bolt Handle Orientation Straight Straight Swept, REM 700 Swept, REM 700 Straight
Opposite Ejection Port Yes Yes No No No
Tang Thickness Trim, Medium or Thick Trim, Medium or Thick Trim Trim Trim
AICS Magazines Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
CIP Magazines (Long Action) Yes No Yes N/A Yes
AW Magazines Yes No No N/A No
Std. Rem 700 Feed Lips No Yes Yes N/A Yes
Wyatt’s Ext. Box No Yes No N/A Yes
Max Short Action OAL 2.980″ 3.000″ 2.980″ (DBM Only) N/A 2.980″/3.000″ (DBM/BDL)
Max Med Action OAL 3.235″ 3.235″ 3.235″ N/A 3.235″
Max Long Action OAL 3.850″ 3.830″ 3.850″ (DBM Only) N/A 3.850″/3.830″ (DBM/BDL)
0 MOA Yes No No Yes No
20 MOA Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
30 MOA Yes No No Yes No
40 MOA Yes No No Yes No
Pinned Rail Yes No Yes Yes Yes
DLC Coating Receiver and Bolt Head Receiver and Bolt Head Bolt Head Only Bolt Head Only Receiver and Bolt Head
Nitride Bolt Body Only Bolt Body Only Receiver and Bolt Body Receiver and Bolt Body Bolt Body Only
SA Weight ~31 ozs ~31 ozs ~31 ozs ~34 ozs ~22 ozs
MA Weight ~33 ozs ~33 ozs ~33 ozs NA ~23 ozs
LA Weight ~35 ozs ~35 ozs ~35 ozs NA ~24 ozs