The very peak of performance

Zermätt Arms, a precision firearm component manufacturer formerly known as Bighorn Arms, was founded in 2016. At that point, Zermätt Arms began manufacturing the Bighorn Arms precision bolt action receivers in Bennet, Nebraska after Bighorn Arms was purchased and moved from Brighton, Colorado. Since then, the release of the highly consistent “3” series of TL and SR actions led to more development within the action world and the Origin was released in 2018. More opportunities within the market then led to the development of the RimX and Ti3 actions and Zermätt Arms is now one of the leading rifle action manufacturers in the industry.

Zermätt Arms is a division of Zermätt Tool which has been in the precision machining industry for many years. A highly capable machining facility with roots in the aerospace and bioscience industry has given incredible machining opportunities for the firearm component manufacturing. As we move forward in the firearms market, we look forward to continuing to serve our customers with the best possible customer service, along with the most repeatable products, and innovation we can provide.